• “Ecstatically pursued, encyclopedic essays in the expressive possibilities of the language of paint.”

    Canadian Art Magazine
  • “Adamson is a terrific colourist and knows extraordinarily well how to get paint onto a canvas.”

    Globe and Mail
  • “Adamson traces a gorgeous line between abstraction and landscape.”

    Border Crossings Magazine
  • “The best way to view an Adamson is from about one foot away. Then what you see is a whole bright universe of hue.”

    Globe and Mail
  • “Let your eyes laze across these surfaces - look at them like you would a dense page of prose, say - and take in as much as you possibly can. It will be worth your while.”

    National Post

“Few Canadian Abstract painters exhibit their work globally with as much success as Adamson and he has a career that enables him to be very much a beloved Canadian 'fixture' and have international appeal. He is a journeyman, voyageur and navigator in an intellectual and aesthetic journey.

One feels both a comfort in his work, in that you want to live with it, love it like a friend, but also challenge it to take you deeper into its darker waters and sometimes perplexing currents. In Adamson's words, 'the modern landscape is an invitation to look at everything.”
Stephen Ranger, Canada’s most sought-after and experienced auctioneer.